What Is Attitude ?

Inclination towards a person, thing, idea and feeling. Whether it is a positive or a negative emotion, it is called Attitude. For example, I do not like girls who do business at all. This example shows the negative attitude of a man towards women. Now let us take an example of positive attitude like I love girls who are financially independent and contribute to the economy of the country. Simply put, Attitude is the likes and dislikes of people. 

Can Attitude be changed?

The attitude of the society or community living in one country towards another country or towards anything can be changed. If we take the example of the soft power of America, the attitude of the people living in all the countries of the world has changed their attitude towards America because of the soft power of America. Today, citizens living in most countries of the world follow the culture of America.

The main reason for people’s positive attitude towards America is American universities. These are world class universities. Such as Stanford University, Harvard University, Yale University, Brown University, Boston University, University of California etc. That’s how American pop culture is very famous. He has left a deep impact on the hearts of the people.

Today American companies like Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft are working world wide. If this company is not present, then what will happen after these, we cannot imagine. Because of these American companies like Facebook, Twitter etc., the whole world has been able to connect and communicate with each other. These companies have promoted free speech a lot.

Today, because of these American technical companies, if someone is being persecuted in any part of the world, then he can make his video and share it with the whole world and his news spreads all over the world. This has been possible only because of American technical companies. This is America’s soft power. This soft power has changed the attitude of residents living in all countries towards America.

America has given values ​​like Democracy, Liberty, Freedom, Human Rights and Freedom of Expression to the world. American Independence War and American Civil War is a great example for the world. American food like pizza and burger is world famous. McDonald’s, KFC and Domino’s are a multinational company. These companies have taken American food everywhere in the world.

The United Nations of America is also known for western wear which includes denim jeans, cow boy head and plain shirt. They also have half shirts and full sleeve shirts. In which T-shirt is made of wool and cotton. 

  “All these reasons change the attitude of the people and these people keep positive attitude towards America for this reason”.

Role of Behavior

Attitude influences the behavior of people the most. Attitude of people affects their behavior in 2 ways in which first is that people intentionally consciously influence their behavior while second is that people subconsciously unconsciously influence their attitude. American culture affects people both consciously and subconsciously and also changes their attitude.

Power of attitude with examples

Successful people have 85% attitude while their skills are only 15%. If we talk about workers or any unsuccessful people, they have 85% skill, while 15% is attitude. Attitude is what makes people great. If we keep positive attitude then we will definitely get success.

We should develop our higher level desires while throwing away the lower level desires. Whenever negative sentiment creates obstacles, we should awaken the opposition spirit. That is, we should adopt positive attitude. We should strengthen a new pattern. Because a small seed gives birth to a huge tree.

Because the whole game in life is only about attitude. A positive attitude brings complete peace in us. If we see a rose blooming among the thorns. If we take this in a positive way, then we will start feeling the world wonderful. We will travel from darkness to light. In positive attitude, we start seeing flowers with thorns. Our focus is only on the flower. We start seeing a solution in every problem and not a problem in every solution, so we need to change our attitude.

Example : 

A disciple of Gautam Buddha asks him for permission that I have to go to a village Buddha refuses to give a discourse. It is said that those people will abuse you a lot, so a disciple of Buddha says that it is a good thing. If he kills me then he will not beat me, Buddha said, if you hit or beat me. His disciple replied, it is good that he will not take my life. Won’t kill me. Then Buddha said, if he killed you, his disciple said, “What a good people, he will free me from this life.” So this story implies that the whole game is of Attitude. His disciple had a positive attitude towards every aspect of life.

Elon Musk used to be very overt and introvert type in his childhood and he was bullied by the children with him in school. Once he was thrown down the stairs due to which he was badly hurt and he was also admitted in the hospital. His adenoids were removed by the doctor as a child. The doctor thought he was deaf. He is unable to hear, while his mother says that Elon lived in a different world as a child. When he used to think about something, he could not hear anyone. He was asked in an interview that you got three consecutive failures. If you never feel like giving up, then Elon Musk says that I don’t ever give up, this positive attitude was and is because of which he has become the richest person in the world today.

Michael Phelps had a similar attitude. When he announced to break Mark Spitz’s record in 1972, everyone made fun of him, but he also broke that record. In 2008, he brought more than 8 gold medals which was impossible and everyone made fun of him. But he had a positive attitude. Because of which he was successful. He decided that I have to break this record. It all depends on whether you see the glass of water as half full or half empty, it depends on your attitude.


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