Love is the name of offering everything selflessly. But people do not want to earn everything offered in exchange for love. People keep searching for true and selfless love whole life but most of the people do not get true love. Perhaps most of these people will not even know the definition of love.

Love is the only state which has no side effect. Apart from this, every emotion, feeling and thought in the world has a side effect. Only love is such that you can come in the actual moment. It is very important to understand the true meaning of love.

What is Love ?

Love is the name of offering everything selflessly. But people do not want to earn everything offered in exchange for love. People keep searching for true and selfless love whole life but most of the people do not get true love. Whenever it comes to love, only a man and woman’s love comes to mind.

Is love only a bond of attraction between man and woman? Love can be from family also, it can be from parents, siblings. Love can be from friends, friends, can also be from country and native land. This love can also be for humanity, it can be for some art or it can also be for this nature.

If love is to be found, then the mind has to be empty. You have to surrender all your desires, your happiness and surrender. This love is the color that fills the juice in life, this love is the thought that brings a smile on the face in a moment. Love is the flower that feeds the garden of the mind.

Love is the thought that makes you feel the most prosperous in the world. But we do not consider this love as love. Love is that in which even if you lose to that person, there is no bitterness on the face, there is a smile on the lips. Love is so great that it is not possible to define it completely.

Stage of Love 

When love enters a person’s life like a superpower, it changes its form at different stages of age. With time, the meaning of love in your life changes. After taking birth on this earth, we get tied in many relationships. Innumerable relationships like parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents, uncles and aunts become our own, the unbreakable bonds of love, affection towards each other become an important part of our life. 

Time is changeable and with time there are changes in relationships too. Young children need parents, but gradually when a person becomes independent and does not depend on parents, then it is natural to change relationships, it is not so. That there is a lack of love or affection, the priorities of that person change.

Child Age

Childhood is such a precious moment in life that it never comes back. Every moment of childhood is full of energy away from pain and stress. As a child, we love toys.


As children grow up, they gradually become independent. When we grow up, new relationships are formed, in which the relationship of friendship is very important. At this age, this love binds us with friends. At this age, friends start looking better than parents. At this stage of age, we fall in love with friends.

Young Age

When you grow up, there comes a partner in life whom you start falling in love with. At this stage of age, in-laws’ relationships, life partners, children get involved with many people, but in this case, many relationships of life are left behind at this stage. It is not that there is a lack of love or affection for these relationships, that person’s priorities change. After that you fall in love with your work or hobby.

Old Age 

At the end of life, man falls in love with nature. He starts falling in love with God or he gets inclined towards spirituality. This too is a love. This sequence of love continues like this.

It is very important to understand the purity and meaning of love. If a person is under stress and negativity is increasing around him then he can make himself powerful by adopting love. This love of yours can be related to your passion, work or spirituality. It could be an object, it could be a place. Michael Jackson used to find love in his dance.

Charlie Chaplin used to get this love by making the world laugh. It depends on you how you want to love. To love is a great achievement in itself. If you love anything, it will surely make you strong. If you truly love anything then your capabilities will increase manifold.

How Important is Love to the Body ?

According to the study of America’s famous Neuroscientist Stephanie Cacioppo, just as food, water and exercise are necessary for the body, love is also necessary for the body. Love is not only necessary for the mind but also for the body. People who do not have love in their life or those who live in loneliness, those people live much healthier and longer in life than those who have love in their life.

According to this research, a person feels more powerful in love. Love is not just between two human beings, but it is a feeling. In this spirit you can love your friend, sport or team. Love can be from any place, house, object or hobby. Love has no limit but it is infinite. People who have love in life are optimistic and they are more happy in life.

According to this study, the life of people who like loneliness or like to be isolated from society, such people do not last long. Loneliness in the life of people who do not have love in their lives can cause harm to the body equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes every day.

The risk of death of such people increases to 29 percent. Such people have high blood pressure and they have a higher risk of heart stroke than other people. People who do not have love in their life, their risk of getting heart diseases is also higher than other people.


There is no reason for love, so love is selfless. True love is that in which no one puts any restrictions on you. Who gives wings to his love for the flight of freedom. The love in which you feel open life is actually true love. If you truly love someone, then leave him free, if he is yours, he will not go anywhere, what is not yours will not be yours at any cost. You cannot gain love by imposing RESTRICTIONS on someone because freedom is liked by all.

Divine Love vs Worldly Love

Worldly love is like an ocean, but the ocean also has a surface. Divine love is like the sky which has no limits. Fly high from the surface of the ocean to the sky. Ancient love is beyond all these relationships and includes all relationships. Love is the name of such a deep affection, whoever comes in his life, gives him a fragrance.

It is not that there is any deficiency or wrong in physical love, physical love which is met with attraction is momentary. It is only temporary. Yet love be it momentary, it always remains true. If it’s not true then it’s just a pretense.


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