Darwin Theory

America, the world’s oldest democracy, has been a center of attraction for all the promising people of the world. When all the talented people wanted to do something in life, they turned to America.

In this fast growing competition era, if you are diligent and constantly learning something new, then you will survive in this competitive era. If you are lazy and not efficient, you may have difficulty.

Darwin gave the theory of survival of the fittest. That is, in this world only those who remain competitive will be able to survive. But the advantage of this heavy competition is that it has given a new form to creativity.

And every human being is on the path of duty. Positive competition is very important for any society. This leads to the birth of creativity and innovation in that society. Which is very important for the development of any country.

But this heavy competition has given rise to a feeling of malice. This feeling of malice has engulfed the hearts of the youth. Which is very wrong. Young people should learn from failure and be humble in success.

In today’s time, most of the youths look for shortcuts instead of working hard. He doesn’t insist on hard work. But such people will not last long. In this heavy competition, those who are hardworking and skilled will be able to become horses of the long race.

Competition in All Sectors

The level of competition has increased in all sectors like sports, media, music, films etc. Therefore, those who perform well in all these arts, only those people will be able to succeed. Now failure should be seen as a blessing.

Because in success we don’t get to learn anything. Whereas in every failure there is some lesson hidden. And in this time of competition, the best is being chosen everywhere.

With the increasing competition, people have to grapple between hard work and smart work with the motivation to work harder. In today’s time youth are doing hard work as well as smart work. That is, trying to make their talent multidimensional.

If you are not creative in today’s time, then a very big problem will arise for you. Because in the era of capitalism, if you are not able to survive in the market, then this market will kick you out. The day you lose your shine in this market, you will be out of the competition.

Due to our poor education system, we do not know how many Newtons and Einsteins are left to become every day. The race for marks in school, college has left the talent behind. Every student wants to get maximum marks. But it has emerged as a negative competition. Along with this, the pressure of the parents fills the little remaining gap.

If we eliminate all contradictions and create an environment of positive competition. Only then this increasing level of competition will not go wrong. And it will be in the interest of youth only when we create a healthy environment.

And it should strike a balance between the Marketist Policy of working day and night. Due to this negative competition, the patience among the people is decreasing. And the youth are getting irritated. Although struggle in life is struggle, struggle is the name of life.

USA Competitive Economy

If seen economically, healthy market competition is very important for the US economy. If companies compete among themselves, it will ultimately benefit the customers. Because due to the competition of companies, the price of goods will come down and their quality will be good.

Along with this, innovation will also be encouraged. And the same thing will happen in the labor market. If there will be competition in the labor market, then companies will give maximum compensation to attract the workers and also fix their working condition.

President Joe Biden has signed an executive order to promote competition in the US economy. With this, the government will try to increase the competition in the American economy. However, according to a report, the market has become less competitive in the US in the past.

World Economic Forum

But in 2018, the US was named the world’s most competitive economy by the World Economic Forum. America got 85 out of 100. In which business dynamics, finance system and labor market etc. were measured.

Competition policy is beneficial for the customers as well as the companies. Due to this, the efficiency of the products of the companies and wider choice for the customer increases.

If the competition is healthy, then whether it is country, economy, politics or students, it is beneficial for all. Healthy competition drives the students towards success. Due to healthy competition, their attention, physical effort and learning improve in all three.

And there is a social motivation that I have to get ahead of the students with me. Similarly, in the economy, both companies and customers benefit because of competition. Customers get good items at affordable prices. Whereas companies get opportunities to improve the quality of their products.

And they are able to deliver a good product to the customers. Similarly, if there is healthy competition in politics, then it is very useful for the country. Because the country will be able to get good leaders and they will work well for the development of the country.


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