A news is going viral on the internet very fast. According to that news, Xi Jinping has been placed under house arrest. So far 60% of the flights have been cancelled. Along with this, the train has also been cancelled. But we cannot confirm this news. Because China is not a democratic country.

There is an authoritarian regime. So the news coming out of China cannot be confirmed. Xi Jinping had not left China for 2 years. Nor did he attend any international meeting. Xi Jinping has attended the SCO meeting held in Samarkand a few days ago after two years.

According to reports, everything happening in China is currently being controlled by Hu Jintao. Many political meetings are going on in China for the last 10 days. But Xi Jinping has not been seen in all these important political meetings. He has been kept out of all these meetings.

The PLA military convoy has moved towards Beijing. Beijing has been converted into a military fort. The PLA has blocked the highways. The PLA has cordoned off an 80-km radius around Beijing. No one can go out of Beijing. The news of cancellation of 6000 domestic and international flights from Beijing airport is being confirmed.

High speed rail tickets have also been cancelled. Everyone is confirming this news. Xi Jinping made himself president for life time. Some people in the CCP were not happy with this. Because his chances of becoming president were completely over.

That is why it is being speculated that Xi Jinping has been removed from the post of President of the PLA. Along with this, we are seeing that under the leadership of Xi Jinping, China’s supply chain was occupied. He is slowly loosening up now. Big companies are shifting their manufacturing units to countries like Vietnam and India.


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